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My Photographs

Well here are some pictures of me :-)

This is me on a horse in Lesotho 1990

Here I am riding a horse in the Drakensburg Mountains of Lesotho

A recent picture

My most recent picture...I look terrible in it :-(

Me in the cubs (19th Bermuda pack) aged about 10/11

Me in the Cub Scouts

Myself (on the bike) and my brother in the mid '70s

Myself and my brother Guy

Me on the school assault course

Me at my graduation from college with my mum

Matthew Roberts B. Eng.

That's baby me with my grand parents, probably  taken in 1968

Baby me and my grand parents.

Me firing an M-16 on the college range

Firing an M-16 Rifle on the range while I was at college

Me, Angie, Zed, Aslate, Mel, TNUK, Becky, Juliet
Myself and various PEEL people in Nottingham

Me on a float for rag week

Myself and friends on our float for the rag parade (Worcester 1994).

Myself with friends at The Little Sauce Factory in Worcester for our Christmas party. I'm eating pie!

Me eating pie :-)

Me sailing in Bermuda

Baby me and my mother

I took this picture to show Ash my poncho, she thought the poncho looked good so I decided to post the picture here

Me in my Mexican Poncho

My school photo, aged 14, I rather hate it :-P

A school photograph, aged 14

Me in my DJ

Me in my DJ