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Birds 2008

Some of the bird photographs I've taken in 2008

Cirl Bunting Berry Head 19/08/08
Cirl Bunting (Young)

A Corn Bunting at Balranald (17/05/08)
Corn Bunting

A Lapland Bunting at Salthouse (1/1/08)
Lapland Bunting

A Snow Bunting at Salthouse (1/1/08)
Snow Bunting

A Chough near Lizard 14/08/08

A Scottish Parrot Crossbil in the Highlands (18/05/08)
Scottish Parrot Crossbill

A Cuckoo at Snettusham (23/05/08)

A Tufted Duck at Draycote Water (12/01/08)
Tufted Duck

A White-tailed Eagle over Loch Maddy (17/05/08)
White-tailed Eagle

A Trumpeter Finch at Blakeney Point (2/6/08)
Trumpeter Finch

ied in Wells Woods 25/09/08
Pied Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher in Wells Woods 25/09/08
Spotted Flycatcher

A Gadwall at Little Paxton (18/02/08)

A Goldeneye at Titchwell (29/01/08)

A Greylag Goose in the Highlands (18/05/08)
Greylag Goose

A Black-necked Grebe at Orton Brick Pit (28/01/08)
Black-necked Grebe

A Great Creasted Grebe at Loch of the Lowes (16/05/08)
Great Crested Grebe

A Red-necked Grebe at Draycote Water (12/0/08)
Red-necked Grebe

A Night Heron at Earith (16/6/08)
Black-crowned Night Heron

A Shore Lark at Cley (29/01/08)
Shore Lark

A Skylark at Titchwell (26/07/08)

A Ptarmigan on Sgurr a'Chaorachain (18/05/08)

A Golden Pheasant at Wolferton (5/3/08)
Golden Pheasant

A Redshank at Cley (02/06/08)
Common Redshank

A Spotted Redshank at Titchwell (29/01/08)
Spotted Redshank

A Black Redstart on Binham Priory (12/02/08)
Black Redstart

A Common Redstart at Ferry Meadows (17/4/08)
Common Redstart

A Marsh Sandpiper at Rutland Water (28/05/05)
Marsh Sandpiper

A Great Grey Shrike at Kelling Heath (3/4/08)
Great Grey Shrike

Great Skua in Bridlington Bay 5/07/08
Great Skua (Bonxie)

Pomarine Skua l near the Isles of Scilly 16/08/08
Pomarine Skua

A Rose-coloured Starling at Mablethorpe (28/06/08)
Rose-coloured Starling

A Stonechat at Cley (1/1/08)

A Blue Tit at Sandy (18/02/08)
Blue Tit

A Coal Tit at Sandy (18/02/08)
Coal Tit

A Great Tit at Sandy (18/02/08)

Great Tit

A Turnstone at Titchwell (20/06/08)

Grey Wagtail at Tackley Sewage Works (9/4/08)
Grey Wagtail

A White Wagtail at Grafham Water (12/4/08)
White Wagtail

A Yellow Wagtail at Grafham Water (12/4/08)
Yellow Wagtail

A Sedge Warbler at Snettisham (1/5/08)
Sedge Warbler

A Willow Warbler in the Highlands (18/05/09)
Willow Warbler

A Common Whitethroat at Snettisham (1/5/08)
Common Whitethroat

A Great-spotted Woodpecker at Sandy (18/02/08)
Great-spotted Woodpecker

A Wryneck at Burnham Overy Dunes (8/5/08)

A Brambling in my garden (22/03/08)

A Bullfinch at Little Paxton (18/02/08)
Bullfinch (Female)

A Honey Buzzard at Great Ryborgh (23/05/08)
Honey Buzzard

A Chaffinch at Sandy (18/02/08)

A Black-throated Diver in the West Highlands (18/05/08)
Black-throated Diver

A Red-throated Diver at Snettisham (22/02/08)
Red-throated Diver

A Great Northern Diver at Blickling Lake (22/02/08)
Great Northern Diver

A Dunnock at Tichwell (12/02/08)

An Eider at Girvan (19/05/08)
Common Eider

A King Eider at Girvan (19/05/08)
King Eider

A Red-footed Falcon at Stewartby (12/5/08)
Red-footed Falcon

Fulmar near the Isles of Scilly 15/08/08

A Garganey at Rookery Pit (3/5/08)

A Goldfinch at Sandy (18/02/08)

Black Grouse in the Highlands (15/05/08)
Black Grouse

A Little Gull at Titchwell (11/06/08)
Little Gull

A Mediterranean Gull at Great Yarmouth (19/01/08)
Mediterranean Gull

A Hen Harrier on North Uist (17/05/08)
Hen Harrier

A Marsh Harrier over Kilnsea (29/05/08)
Marsh Harrier

A Kestrel at Draycote Water (12/01/08)

Short-eared Owl over River Welland (28/01/08)
Short-eared Owl

A Snowy Owl at Grenitote (17/05/08)
Snowy Owl

Storm Petrel l near the Isles of Scilly 16/08/08
European Storm Petrel

Wilson's Petrel near the Isles of Scilly 15/08/08
Wilson's Petrel

A Grey Phalarope at Waxham (26/01/08)
Grey Phalarope

A Pintail at Tring Reservoir (15/05/08)

A Richard's Pipit at Kelling (1/5/08)
Richard's Pipit

An Atlantic Puffin at Bempton (26/04/08)
Atlantic Puffin

A Robin at Sandy (18/02/08)

Balearic Shearwater l near the Isles of Scilly 16/08/08
Balearic Shearwater

Cory's Shearwater l near the Isles of Scilly 15/08/08
Cory's Shearwater

Great Shearwater l near the Isles of Scilly 17/08/08
Great Shearwater

A Smew at Little Paxton (18/02/08)

A House Sparrow (08/02/08)
House Sparrow

A White-crowned Sparrow in Cley (10/1/08)
White-crowned Sparrow

A Stone Curlew at Weeting Heath (11/4/08)
Stone Curlew

A Mute Swan at Woodwalton Fen (18/02/08)
Mute Swan

A Whooper Swan at Welney (5/1/08)
Whooper Swan

Arctic Tern near the Isles of Scilly 15/08/08
Arctic Tern

A Common Tern at Earith (16/6/08)
Common Tern

Treecreeper in Wells Woods 25/09/08

A Bohemian Waxwing in Cromer (10/1/08)
Bohemian Waxwing

A Yellowhammer at Choseley Barns (12/02/08)
Yellow Hammer


A Red Squirrel at Loch Garten (19/05/08)
Red Squirrel

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