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Tweek's Site
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Here you will find links to some of my favourite and friends' sites

Some friends' sites:
Don't blame me for their content

Ash's Site

Charlotte's Goth Site

Charlotte's Cemetery Site

Chelsea's fanfiction

Holly's Site

Kace's fanfiction Site

KG's New Site (Under Construction)

KG' Site

KG's fanfiction and poems

Lizzie's Board

Lizzy's Board

Lucy's Site

Missy's Site

Natz's South Park site

Natz's fanficion

Pink Parka Girl's fanfiction

Rachel's Site (under construction)

Rachel's Fanfiction

Rachel's other Fanfiction

My Journal:

Tweek's Journal

Tweek's DeadJournal

Friends' Journals:

Amanda's Journal

Amy's Journal

Amy's DeadJournal

Ashley's Journal

Ashley's DeadJournal

Chelsea's Journal

Chelsea's DeadJournal

Danika's DeadJournal

Holly's Journal

Holly's DeadJournal

Juliet's Journal

Kace's Journal

KG's Journal

KG's DeadJournal

Lily's Journal

Lily's DeadJournal

Lizzy's Blurty

Lizzy's LiveJournal

Missy's LiveJournal

Natz's DeadJournal

Rachel's Journal

Rachel's DeadJournal

Sean's BlogJournal

Tori's DeadJournal

traP's DeadJournal

Community Journals:

Lost in Shadows LiveJournal

Lost in Shadows DeadJournal

Spacefem r0x0rs

Some character sites:

Jennula's Tweek site

Kathy's Stan and Wendy Shrine

Kenny Girls Mole Site

Pipsister's Pip Shrine

Some other links


Google: A Cool Search Engine

Google Image Search

Cool Free Stuff:



Avant Browser

Clipboard Magic


dBpowerAMP - Lots of Freeware and Shareware

Hide and Seek

Hotmail Popper


MSN Messenger

PowerCrypt 2000


The Font Thing




Yahoo Messenger

Zero Footprint Crypt

Useful Sites:

CIA World Factbook 2002

Anagram Solver

IP Address to Hostname

Futurama Sites:

Planet Express Employee Lounge: Futurama Board

Who's Who at PEEL

Can't get enough Futurama

The Futurama Point

Much Ado About Futurama

Futurama Scan Art Central

The Leela Zone

Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong

OAOB - Message Board

South Park Sites:

South Park Studios

The Marklar Club

Other TV and Media Sites:

BBC Home Page

Channel 4

British Board of Film Classification

Real Ale:

Upto date UK brewery information

Peterborough Campaign for Real Ale



Birding Resources - birding related news, books and web resources.


3D Pong



Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Kingdom of Loathing

RavenBlack's Vampire Game

The Infamous Worm Game

Fun Stuff:

Quizilla: Online Quizzes

Foamy the Squirrel

Guess the Sit-Com Character Site

Splat the MP

Joe Cartoon

Fling the Cow

Make your own South Park kid

Golf Game

Sites recommended to me by Ash, if you don't like them blame her :-P

Psychic Chicken Network Homepage


Other Stuff:

Plauder Smilies

Pointless website - Smilies etc

Best Smileys

Crack's Smilies

Acid Fonts

Ballericons - AIM Buddy Icons

Spacefem - Home of the Useless Blob

The Whole Kit 'n' Kaboodle

Neko the Kitty

The Happy Noodle Party