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Birds 2003

Some of the bird photographs I've taken in 2003

A Brambling at RSPB Ouse Washes (27/11/03)


An Eider at Hunstanton (6/3/03)

Common Eider

A Great White Egret at Eyebrook (10/08/03)

Great White Egret

A Little Egret, Stiffkey Marsh (7/1/03)

Little Egret

A Fieldfare on Tresco (18/10/03)


Great-crested Grebes near Boston (19/3/03)

Great Crested Grebe

An Audouin's Gull at Dungeness (05/05/03)

Audouin's Gull

A Black-headed Gull at Helston (17/10/03)

Black-headed Gull

A Greater Black-backed Gull on St. Mary's 19/10/03

Greater Black-backed Gull

A Lesser Black-backed Gull on St Mary's (20/10/03)

Lesser Black-backed Gull

A Ring-billed Gull at Helston (17/10/03)

Ring-billed Gull

A Sabine's Gull at Lowestoft (05/06/03)

Sabine's Gull

Western Yellow-legged Gull at Titchwell (2/1/03)

Western Yellow-legged Gull

A Grey Heron in Whaplode (19/09/03)

Grey Heron

A Kestrel at Holme (17/3/03)


A Black Lark at South Stack (02/06/03

Black Lark

A Nightingale at Little Paxton (22/04/03)


A Baltimore Oriole in Oxford (16/12/03)

Baltimore Oriole

A Ring Ouzel on Agnes (21/10/03)

Ring Ouzel

A Barn Owl at Welney (10/2/03)

Barn Owl

A Long-eared Owl near Boston (27/01/03)

Long-eared Owl

A Ringed Plover at Welney (15/5/03)

Ringed Plover

A Puffin at Bempton Cliffs (29/4/03)


A Redwing on Tresco (18/10/03)


A Robin at Titchwell (17/3/03)


A Common Sandpiper at Rutland Water (19/07/03)

Common Sandpiper

A Curlew Sandpiper at Titchwell (2/10/03)

Curlew Sandpiper

A Least Sandpiper at Tring Resevoir (06/08/03)

Least Sandpiper

A Pectoral Sandpiper at Kelling (25/09/03)

Pectoral Sandpiper

A Purple Sandpiper at Hunstanton (6/3/03)

Purple Sandpiper

A Smew at Little Paxton (15/1/03)


A Tree Sparrow at Frieston Shore (27/1/03)

Tree Sparrow

A Little Stint at Tittchwell (2/10/03)

Little Stint

A Red-rumped Swallow at Frieston Shore (26/4/03)

Red-rumped Swallow

A Melodious Warbler at Whitburn (4/07/03)

Melodious Warbler

A Reed Warbler at Gedney Drove End (13/06/03)

Reed Warbler

A Sardinian Warbler at Holme (17/3/03)

Sardinian Warbler

A Black Brant at Titchwell (6/3/03)

Black Brant

A Dark-bellied Brent at Titchwell (6/3/03)

Dark-Bellied Brent

A Corn Bunting nr. Deeping St. Nicolas (26/1/03)

Corn Bunting

A Curlew at Titchwell (2/10/03)


A Long-tailed Duck at Frieston Shore (19/3/03)

Long-tailed Duck

A Mandarin Duck at Stocksgrove (22/2/03)

Mandarin Duck

A White-headed Duck at Little Paxton (15/09/03)

White-headed Duck

A Taiga Flycatcher at Flamborough (29/4/03)

Taiga Flycatcher

A Female Goosander at Baston Pits (26/1/03)

Goosander (Female)

A Barnacle Goose at Frieston Shore (19/3/03)

Barnacle Goose

Richardson's Canada Goose at Frieston (19/3/03)

Richardson's Canada Goose

Eurasian White-fronted Goose at Holkham (7/1/03)

Eurasian White-fronted Goose

A Red Grouse at the Cat and Fiddle (02/06/03)

Red Grouse

A Guillemot at Bempton Cliffs (29/04/03)


A Glossy Ibis at Topsham Marsh (23/10/03)

Glossy Ibis

Linnet at Titchwell (25/09/03)


A Grey Plover at Titchwell (2/10/03)

Grey Plover

A Water Rail at Lower Moors (19/10/03)

Water Rail

A Razorbill at Bempton Cliffs (29/04/03)


A Black Redstart at Porthcressa (19/10/03)

Black Redstart

A "Mongolian" Sandplover at Keyhaven (23/07/03)

"Mongolian" Sandplover

A Shag on St Mary's (20/10/03)


A Shorelark at Holkham Gap (7/1/03)


A Great Grey Shrike at Royden Common (17/3/03)

Great Grey Shrike

A Red-backed Shrike at Sheringham (29/09/03)

Red-backed Shrike

A Stonechat, Porthloo Beach (21/10/03)


A White Stork near Croughton (23/08/03)

White Stork

A Eurasian Teal at Titchwell (17/3/03)

Eurasian Teal

A Black Tern at Tring Resevoir (06/09/03)

Black Tern

A Caspian Tern at Stanwick GPs (19/07/03)

Caspian Tern

A Grey-cheeked Thrush on Tresco (18/10/03)

Grey-cheeked Thrush

A Song Thrush on Tresco (18/10/03)

Song Thrush

A Willow Tit at RSPB Ouse Washes (27/11/03)

Willow Tit

A Grey Wagtail on Tresco (18/10/03)

Grey Wagtail

A Yellow Wagtail at Welney (15/5/03)

Yellow Wagtail

A Bohemian Waxwing at St.Neots (15/01/03)

Bohemiam Waxwing

A Yellowhammer at Gedney Drove End (13/06/03)