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Birds 2002

Some of the bird photographs I've taken in 2002

Black-crowned Night Heron at Titchwell (22/5/02)

Black-crowned Night Heron

A chough on the Lizard (10/8/02)


Collared Doves on our garden bird feeder

Collared Doves

A male Crossbill at Sandringham (11/12/02)

Crossbill (male)

A female Crossbill at Sandringham (11/12/02)

Crossbill (female)

A Cuckoo at RSPB Frampton Marsh 27/8/02


An Egyptian Goose at Rutland Water (5/4/02)

Egyptian Goose

Golden Plover at Great Ravely (24/4/02)

Golden Plover

A Greenshank Lower Moors  (21/10/02)


A Jack Snipe at Lower Moors 19/10/02

Jack Snipe

A Jay at Sandringham (6/6/02)


A Kingfisher at Flitcham (27/5/02)


Lesser Sandplover at Rimac (13/5/02)

Lesser Sandplover

A Little Ringed Plover at Frieston Shore (31/5/02)

Little Ringed Plover

A Marsh Harrier at Titchwell 29/7/02

Marsh Harrier

A Meadow Pipit, Tresco Heliport 19/10/02

Meadow Pipit

A Pochard at Welney (9/3/02)

Northern Pochard

Red-legged Partridge at Gedney Drove End 12/8/02

Red-legged Partridge

A Reed Bunting at Lakenheath (09/05/02)

Reed Bunting (Male)

A Female Reed Bunting at Hardley Flood (19/6/02)

Reed Bunting (Female)

A Rock Pipit, New Grimsby Quay, Tresco, 19/10/02

Rock Pipit

A Ruff at Titckwell 29/7/02


A Song Thrush in my garden (13/6/02)

Song Thrush

A Stock Dove at Welney

Stock Dove

A Wheatear on Blakeney Point (22/5/02

Northern Wheatear

A Whistling swan at Kirkintilloch (29/04/02)

Whistling Swan (Probable escape)

A Woodlark at Weeting Heath (09/05/02)


A Wood Sandpiper at Titchwell (6/6/02)

Wood Sandpiper

Avocet at Titchwell 29/7/02


A Bar-tailed Godwit, Titchwell 29/7/02

Bar-tailed Godwit

A Black-tailed Godwit at Titchwell (6/6/02)

Black-tailed Godwit

A Blackbird in Whaplode (15/04/02)


The Black-winged Stilt at Titchwell 29/7/02

Black-winged Stilt

A Chiffchaff at Trenoweth 22/10/02


A Common Rosefinch at Weybourne (6/6/02)

Common Rosefinch

A female Dotterel at Great Ravely (25/4/02)


A Garganey at Lakenheath (2/6/02)


A Lapwing at Rutland Water (5/4/02)

Northern Lapwing

Lesser Kestrel on St Mary's (17/5/02)

Lesser Kestrel

A Lesser Yellowlegs at Frieston Shore (31/5/02)

Lesser Yellowlegs

Little Gull at Titchwell (22/5/02)

Little Gull

Nightingale at Little Paxton (25/4/02)


An Oystercatcher on Blakeney Point (22/5/02)


A Red-backed Shrike at Hunstanton 2/9/02

Red-backed Shrike

A Redshank at Welney


A Spotted Redshank at Titchwell (29/7/02)

Spotted Redshank

A Red-throated Pipit at Tresco Heliport 19/10/02

Red-Throated Pipit

A Ross's Gull at Scarborough (18/3/02)

Ross's Gull

A Sanderling Titchwell 29/7/02


A pair of Tundra Bean Geese at Welney (09/03/02)

Tundra Bean Geese

A Turtle Dove at Gedney Drove End (12/8/02)

Turtle Dove

A Two-barred Crossbill at Sandringham (11/12/02)

Two-barred Crossbill (Female)

A White-throated Sparrow at Flamborough 23/10/02

White-throated Sparrow

A Wigeon at Welney (09/03/02)