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Birds 2005

Some of the bird photographs I've taken in 2005

An Avocet at Titchwell (25/05/05)

A Bee Eater at Hampton Bishop (25/07/05)

Bee Eater

A Bonxie in Bridlington Bay (03/09/06)


A Barrow's Golden Eye at Strathbeg (13/06/05)
Barrow's Goldeneye

A Ring-necked Duck at Grafham Water (07/04/05)

Ring-necked Duck

A Trumpeter Finch at Landguard (23/05/05)

Trumpeter Finch

A Goldcrest at Torness 16/10/2005

A Barnacle Goose on Fair Isle (20/10/05)
Barnacle Goose

Pale-bellied Brent Goose at North Haven, Fair Isle 20/10/05

Pale-bellied Brent Goose

A Snow Goose at Holkham (21/01/05)
Snow Goose

Red Grouse on Benbecula (22/05/05)

Red Grouse

Green Heron at Red Wharf Bay 19/11/05
Green Heron

A Killdeer at Breyden Water (29/03/05)


A Shore Lark at Holkham (07/05/05)
Shore Lark

A Thrush Nightingale at Holme NOA 07/10/05
Thrush Nightingale

A Ring Ouzel at Heacham (23/04/05)

Ring Ouzel

A Tawny Owl at Baston Fen (27/04/05)

Tawny Owl

A Ring-necked Parakeet at Esher (12/11/05)
Ring-necked Parakeet

A Common Pheasant at Titchwell (25/01/05)
Common Pheasant

A Sociable Plover at Rainham Marshes 04/12/05
Sociable Plover

A Ptarmigan on Sgurr a'Chaorachain (22/05/05)


A Red-crested Pochard at Deeping St Nicolas (27/04/05)

Red-crested Pochard

An Artic Redpoll at Titchwell (07/02/05)
Arctic Redpoll

A Mealy Redpoll at Titchwell (01/01/05)

Mealy Redpoll

A Sooty Shearwater in Bridlington Bay (03/09/05)
Sooty Shearwater

A Shoveller at Titchwell (25/05/05)


A Skylark at Vallay Strand 21/05/05)


A Smew at Welland Bank (23/01/05)

A Dartford Warbler on Dunwich Heath 23/07/05

Dartford Warbler

Lanceolated Warbler near Kenaby, Fair Isle 17/10/05
Lanceolated Warbler

A Sedge Warbler at Cley (25/05/05)

Sedge Warbler

Desert Wheatear at Caister 21/11/05
Desert Wheatear

White-spotted Bluethroat

Northern Bullfinch at the Observatory, Fair Isle 20/10/05

Northern Bullfinch

A Corncrake on South Uist (22/05/05)

Scottish Parrot Crossbill in Abernethy Forest (23/05/05)

Scottish Parrot Crossbill

Hooded Crow; Homisdale, Fair Isle 17/10/05
Hooded Crow

A Great Northern Diver at Culverthorpe (02/02/05)
Great Northern Diver

Long-tailed Duck at North Haven, Fair Isle 20/10/05
Long-tailed Duck

A Dunlin at Titchwell (25/05/05)

A Cattle Egret at Brampton (29/07/05)

Cattle Egret

A Fieldfare Hobhole drain (14/01/05)

A Glaucous Gull at Blackborough Tip (15/02/05)

Glaucous Gull

An Iceland Gull at Blackborough Tip (07/02/05)
Iceland Gull

A Laughing Gull in Gosport (12/11/05)
Laughing Gull

A Lapwing at Cley (25/05/05)


A Water Rail at Titchwell (19/3/05)

Water Rail

A Stilt Sandpiper as Burnham Norton (14/05/05)

Stilt Sandpiper

A White-rumped Sandpiper at Grafham Water 09/10/05
White-rumped Sandpiper

A Shag at Bullers of Buchan (14/06/05)


Ruddy Shelduck at Melton Constable (29/01/05)
Ruddy Shelduck

A Lesser Grey Shrike at Spurn (30/09/05)

Lesser Grey Shrike

A Woodchat Shrike at Sheringham (25/05/05)
Woodchat Shrike

A Spoonbill at Stiffkey (21/01/05)

A Temminck's Stint at Titchwell (09/05/05)

Temminck's Stint

A Swallow at Welney (20/06/06)


A White-winged Black Tern at Rutland water (29/08/05)

White-winged Black Tern

A Lesser-crested Tern at Happisburgh (17/07/05)

Lesser-crested Tern

A Little Tern at Titchwell (25/05/05)

Little Tern

Grey-cheeked Thrush at Great Wood Country Park
Grey-cheeked Thrush

A Mistle Thrush at Wetting Heath (02/05/05)

Mistle Thrush

An American Wigeon at Sutton Gault (23/4/05)

Amerinan Wigeon

A Lesser Yellowlegs at Stifkey Fen (01/01/05)
Lesser Yellowlegs

  Most photographs are hosted by Imageshack