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Birds 2004

Some of the bird photographs I've taken in 2004

A Cream-coloured Courser on St Marys (18/10/04)

Cream-Coloured Courser

A Curlew at Gibralter Pt. (19/07/04)


A Black-throated Diver in the Highlands (15/05/04)

Black-throated Diver

A Pied Flycatcher at Killiecrankie (16/05/04)

Pied Flycatcher

A Slavonian Grebe in the Highlands (14/05/06)

Slavonian Grebe

A Little Gull at Titchwell (11/5/04)

Little Gull

A Little Owl at Chosley Barns (01/03/04)

Little Owl

A Grey Plover at Titchwell (1/9/04)

Grey Plover

Little-ringed Plover at Welney (27/5/04)

Little-ringed Plover

An American Robin in Grimsby (02/01/04)

American Robin

A Broad-billed Sandpiper near Tamworth (10/06/04)

Broad-billed Sandpiper

A Curlew Sandpiper at Cley (20/5/04)

Curlew Sandpiper

A Pectoral Sandpiper at Titchwell (23/07/04)

Pectoral Sandpiper

A Shoveller at Titchwell (11/5/04)


A Swallow at RAF Holbeach (18/05/04)


A Cinnamon Teal on Loch Tuamister (14/05/04)

Cinnamon Teal

A Turnstone at Titchwell (11/5/04)


A Barred Warbler at Covenhan Reservoir (10/12/04)

Barred Warbler

A Grasshopper Warbler at Snettisham (23/04/04)

Grasshopper Warbler

A Reed Warbler at Cley (05/06/04)

Reed Warbler

A Sedge Warbler at Snettisham (23/04/04)

Sedge Warbler

A Wren at Titchwell (23/07/04)


A Wryneck at Langtoft (10/10/04)


A Yellowhammer at Deeping Fen (18/01/04)


A Bufflehead at Pugney's Country Park (13/04/04)


A Corn Bunting at Deeping Fen (18/01/04)

Corn Bunting

A Lapland Bunting on Porthellick Down (18/10/04)

Lapland Bunting

A Snow Bunting on Porthellick Down (18/10/04)

Snow Bunting

A Long-billed Dowitcher at Gibralter Pt. (19/7/04)

Long-billed Dowitcher

A Ferruginous Duck at Elstow Clay Pits (13/01/04)

Ferruginous Duck

A Ruddy Duck at Gibralter Pt. (19/7/04)

Ruddy Duck

A Golden Eagle on Skye (15/05/04)

Golden Eagle

A Little Egret at Titchwell (1/9/04)

Little Egret

A Fulmar at Monreith (10/6/04)


A Black Grouse near Loch Garten (14/05/04)

Black Grouse

A Kestrel at Frieston Shore (22/5/04)


A Knot at Cley (20/5/04)


A Nuthatch at Sandringham (1/9/04)


An Osprey at Loch Garten (14/05/04)


A Tree Pipit at Weeting Heath (11/5/04)

Tree Pipit

A Ptarmegan on Cairngorm (15/05/04)


A Greater Sandplover at Snettisham (04/07/04)

Greater Sandplover

A Red-backed Shrike at Titchwell (11.5/04)

Red-backed Shrike (Male)

A Sora at Attenborough Nature Reserve (18/12/04)


A Little Tern.jpg at Titchwell (23/07/04)

Little Tern

A White Wagtail at Titchwell (11/5/04)

White Wagtail

A Woodcock at RSPB Titchwell (01/03/04)


A Wood Lark at Weeting Heath (27/5/04)