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Tweek's Site

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Hello, You've found Tweek's Site

Updated 9th June 2008

Thanks to Cassie we now have a board again, check it out at:

If you want to know about me look at the "About me" page, if you want to see my picture go to the "My Photographs" page :-)

Cool Stuff

I've got the new Yahoo and MSN messengers, go to the contact me page to get my screen names. If you don't already have these I recommend you upgrade, they are much better than the old versions, Yahoo lets you use a webcam too Image Hosted by I also got ICQ, but doubt I'll use it much. I still use AIM of course, I got it first and it is still my favourite. I now use Trillian as it allows me to call people on all four systems while only running one program, thus using far less resources.

As well as LiveJournal I now have a DeadJournal.

What's New

I was recently made a moderator at PEEL and on November 1st made my 10,000th post which meant I was the first person to learn the newest rank (DOOP Secretary), not that I knew I'd get promoted, I really need to update this more often, I now have over 18000 posts there.
I'm also now a moderator at Spacefem's Board, only for one section though, it is a cool board a well worth a visit.

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I was voted PEEL Poster of the Month Sept. 2002

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