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Happy Noodle Party

Welcome to The Happy Noodle Party Site

You have found the site of the Happy Noodle Party, if you love pie, chicken, snorkels, sugar, pie, coffee, pogo sticks shiny things or pie then join our party

We are still a young party but already we are coming up with policies, on diverse subjects. Recently we unvieled our official transport policy, all subjects will be issued with shiny blue pogo sticks, this is far more environmentally friendly then cars, and more amusing than bicycles.
We also have established that we wish to see an episode discussion section added to the FSP board.
The earlier policy on anime has been changed after much debate, leaving it up to individual members to decide whether to watch it or not, on the otherhand we are firmly against Timmy and wish to see him removed from South Park

Hey, the leader is back! BWAAAAAAA! This is KG here, just making a lil' statement that I am back and ready to ummmm...lead the party again! =) Nice to see you all!

Return to this site reguarly to see future policy updates

Sadly with the closure of FSP, we are currently not accepting new members, hopefully if a new discus board is set up the party will relaunch.

Vote Noodle

We are against Timmy

We want to see the end of the terrible Timmy

Friendship, Fun and Folly