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Happy Noodle Party


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About The Party

History of the Party

We were founded 1st June 2001

Hehe, just a little note from Ash here. With the absence of KG, I just want to say that I will temporarily taking over as leader. I am posting this so everyone can be aware, and not confuzzled! Also, if anyone has any complaints about the party, I'll take them in. me, or IM me or whatever. =P

Leader's Statement

Oooo, cool! You guys added a leader statement for me while I was gone, how sweet! ^_^ Well, I guess that means I better make a statement, huh? All right. The Happy Noodle Party is not just about pie, snorkels, and shiny things, like most people think. Nor are we as stupid as we look. No. The Happy Noodle Party is about friendship, fun, and folly, the three F's that we all live by. If you join, you too can become on with the magical qualities of the three F's. Oh, and eat more chicken. Thank you. ^_^


Party Positions

KG: Party Leader
Ash: Acting Leader
Matt: Promoter
Tweek: Party Secretery
Amy: Transport Spokesman
Angie: Entertainment Spokesman
Lily: Education Spokesman

Angie, Matt, Cassie, Ash, Tweek

The Party Members