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Happy Noodle Party


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Policy Statements and Proposals

June 1st, the party is officially formed

June 2nd: First majory policy debate the following policies were adopted

1) Kill Boober and Moschops
2) Smash any Corsas that we might see
3) Insult the above at any opertunity
4) We are against all Anime
5) Pogo Stick to be used for all personal transportation

June 3rd: In the absence of the leader the following topics were discussed

1) Formal adoption of party positions
2) Official anthem, logo, mascot, colour, icon and slogan
3) Whether of not to be pro or anti anime
In the absence of KG no formal discisions have been made

6th June the following policies were adopted

1) Introduce an Episode Discussion section to the board
2) Attack Timmy
3) The party adopted a neutral policy towards Anime

Educucation policy announced 19th June

All school computers are to have AIM, MSN, email and message board access fitted as standard, any attempt to prevent pupils from using these essential devices will be considered a breach of the childs basic human rights and the individual who blocked acceess will be jailed

Transport for the elderly

Since it might be difficult for the elderly or infirm to use pogo sticks it is proposed that "Pogo" zimmer frames will be provided for them.

Agenda for next meeting

1. Should we abolish time zones?
2. The execution of people who perv after children OL
3. Bring back Zoodles

Meetings will be held nightly until after ther election